The FFDR-COE provides professional services to the end customers who are responsible for the quality control and quality assurance based upon the NDT radiographic inspection methods. Whether the requirements is seeking advice, setting up new method of inspection, or updating your existing inspections processes, CIT is there for you.

The professional services cover the following key core activities:



Deployment of NDT digital inspection radiography technology
  • Specify technical specifications
  • Acceptance standards
Qualification and certification of the digital radiographic systems in accordance to the international code of practice
  • Performance measurement
  • Stability assessment
Inspection Procedures , Technical justification, generation for products
  • Production process
  • Product ageing
  • Test samples
Radiographic Inspection Technique Generation
  • Code of practice fulfillment
Training, Qualification, certification, refresher training Provider Support
  • Competence skill building
  • Expert advice
Inspection Validation and Verification
  • Test samples inspection
Inspection Qualification
  • Compliance to requirement
Research & Development into new product inspection
  • Customer /specific requirements fulfillment
Radiograph Mathematical Modeling Simulation Services
  • Radiographic modeling qualification
Radiograph Film Digitisation & Archive Management
  • Permanent data and archive management
Specialist NDT Inspection Services Development
  • Fast track to inspection using outsourcing
Undertaking Special Projects
  • End user requirements