Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear Power Plants

Safety within Nuclear Power Plants is paramount and uncompromising. CIT's Ultra High Resolution Digital Radiography and NDE Information Management System can provide significant cost savings and improved productivity. This system can be used for overall inspection of the following items:

> 1/2" and 8" thin wall pipeweld radiography in various materials
> Bonds, T-joints, Assemblies
> Valve Bodies
> Vessels
> Fuel rod end cap weld examination

Power stations, nuclear power plants and petrochemical installations all extensively use 1" to 6" diameter pipework for their processing plants. NDT radiographic inspection is the preferred technology for Austenitic Steel, Glass Reinforced Pipe(GRP), Steel and Alloy Piping.

Instead of using an x-ray film in a jacket one uses a digital radiography flexible imaging plate. The welds are exposed to radiations and the imaging plate is then scanned using digital radiographic scanner to display the output radiographic image. The image is displayed on a monochrome monitor and the inspector reports are generated from this displayed image. On completion of the inspection process, the relevant radiograph image is authorized, archived and the system is available for the next product.

Business Benefits

> Cost savings on x-ray films, chemicals, chemical disposal, administrative efforts and archives
> Saving on storage space
> Electronic archives of the data & faster retrieval of NDE information data
> Online information access
> Improved productivity & profitability
> Radiographic quality achieved meets with the acceptance code standards of geometric system unsharpness, contrast and defect sensitivity